US Patent #10,059,437 

Issued 8.28.18 for the

"Multi-Rotor Safety Shield"


August 28, 2018  Robert (Bob) Stanley Cooper was issued USPTO # 10,059,437 titled MULTI-ROTOR SAFETY SHIELD.  

The USPTO published our first ever patent. Rotor Shield LLC has filed for expanded scope to include various payloads and composition materials.

This PATENT ISSUE  marks the beginning of a new era for Rotor Shield.  The MULTI-ROTOR SAFETY SHIELD was filed January 8, 2015.  After 43 months we have an issued Patent.



The industry is finally catching up to the Multi-Rotor Safety Shield (MRSS) technology.  The FAA issued it's first ever ruling on UAV's, 14 CFR Part 107 on June 21, 2016 restricting drone use.  No UAV may fly over people, at night, out of line of site and over moving vehicles, virtually cancelling the UAV opportunity here in the US.

The Multi-Rotor Safety Shield mitigates current safety issues facing the VTOL and sUAV industries.  The MRSS provides relief from the 14 CFR Part 107 restriction of use indoors, at stadiums, and around crowds.


Rotor Shield has completed 4 prototypes.  Each prototype has been flown succesfully without incident.  The MRSS has achieved flight and viability through work at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  Working with Embry Riddle Faculity and students, the MRSS has proven to be a valuable asset for flight over people.

Contact Bob Cooper at bobcooper@rotorshieldcompany for more information.